Fulton Fish Market

How Fultonfishmarket.com is making it easy and convenient to order fresh seafood online

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a client’s journey from a startup to a successful company that is revolutionizing the seafood industry.

Fultonfishmarket.com eCommerce story begins in 2014 when Jeff Downs (back then FFM’s CIO) paid us a visit in their research for a Magento agency to partner with.

The company's CEO, Mike Spindler, had vast experience in the online grocery area and was taking on the challenge of bringing fresh seafood to consumers across the US with the click of a button, straight out of the world’s second-largest fish market.

Having a team of veterans in the online grocery industry, like Cyndi Metallo, David Tanzer and an iconic fish expert like Bobby DiGregorio aka Bobby “Tuna”, made all the difference in overcoming challenges.

The challenge

Online groceries is known to be the final frontier of online shopping. Selling fresh seafood online and having it delivered to consumers door, a day or two out of the water, was a project that posed many challenges.

Fultonfishmarket.com needed a platform to support the complexity and dynamics of market fish pricing, time-based shipping of very perishable products across the country, full transparency on product information to help consumers get past their natural worry of buying fresh fish online.

In order to be competitive, it was essential to provide their B2B and B2C users convenience, hassle-free delivery (same-day in most cases - always for B2B customers) and peace of mind in regards to product freshness.

This is achieved with the help of a proprietary delivery service, FedEx and also Same Day Air Shipping.
In conjunction with the special packaging that Fultonfishmarket.com has designed, the fish keeps fresh from the market to the customer.

Fish is not a finite product so a major request was the ability for users to pass on specific instructions and preferences and managing that information throughout the processing and delivery chain.

Magento Enterprise coupled with a proprietary WMS was the solution, developed and continually refined throughout the past 4 years

At the core of the ecosystem stands Magento Enterprise, with 3 websites handling B2C orders, a B2B store serving restaurants and a fresh seafood delivery on a subscription model called CSF ( Community Supported Fishery )

The B2B website - which can be visited at chef.fultonfishmarket.com

The store, dedicated to restaurants and chefs, was built as a Magento website and required a series of customizations, especially with the B2B component missing on Magento 1 Enterprise. Some of the key features are custom lists for quick ordering - tailored for each user, product-level specifications, tiered and negotiated pricing and features geared towards the sales team.

Also, worth mentioning is that the entire UI, especially on mobiles, was developed to facilitate the ease of online buying for chefs that need to order fast and accurate.

The Consumers online store - visible at shop.fultonfishmarket.com

For consumers, it was critical to provide nutritional, source and sustainability information. Transparency about the freshness of the products and reassuring users that are naturally wary of ordering fresh seafood online was achieved through detailed product information, accurate content and clear product images that show product quality.

Globally the most important customizations were made around the specifics of delivering perishable food fast:
  • A calendar in checkout to allow B2B and B2C users to select their preferred delivery dates considering restrictions based on their address, specific carrier, airline, last-mile carriers
  • Routes management for calculating best, on schedule delivery option based on user address

The orders fulfillment solution
Considering the complexity of both orders processing and delivery against the clock, with fish needing to be processed, weighed, packed and a very tight deadline for getting it out the door we started the discovery phase for a WMS /order fulfillment platform. Some of the requirements were:
  • Having a work management component that tracks the product processing from receiving, fabrication, assembly, and cryo packing while constantly keeping an eye for delivery deadline.
  • Integration with specific hardware like scales, barcode scanners, printers and thermometers.
  • It needed to have a pricing component based on an algorithm that predicted fish price based on fluctuations.
  • Ease of use and fast training for staff capability was also a must.
And of course, it had to communicate real-time with Magento.

The solution is a custom, proprietary platform built on Zend Framework 2 with other specific software technologies.

On peak season Fultonfishmarket.com is processing up to 8 tons of fish per week revolutionizing the way Americans and restaurants procure their fresh, quality fish.

For OAK3 (oak3.co), Fultonfishmarket.com has been a huge opportunity to work on a complex project, in a challenging industry, with a team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic people. We’re proud to be a part of their journey.

The key to success

I would say the key to success for Fultonfishmarket.com is the company leaders' impressive experience in the online grocery space, their determination to innovate while keeping the human component at the front line and our expertise plus ongoing support.


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They're certified developers with a lot of experience with Magento. OAK3 has a strong background in Magento. They've managed the company's website projects for many year, because their team delivers high-quality work in a timely, effective manner. they're also responsive to client feedback and flexible in their approach.
- Lincoln White, Fulton Fish Market, CEO

Project Overview

  • Magento 1.9
  • Emag Api integration
  • Order processing flow adapted to needs
  • Bulk order processing extension
  • Custom solution for Black Friday campaings
  • Fully responsive

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