Case Studies

Our main goal is to develop strong eCommerce business projects, and we have always strived to provide the best quality and flexibility, to develop custom functionalities that will be operational even after several upgrades. These are some of the projects we have been involved with over the years…


We have a strong team of certified developers ready to assist with e-store development, tech support, and maintenance.

More personalized UX for Hinkley

Hinkley approached us to develop their B2B and outlet websites running on Magento 2 Cloud. The idea was to create a more personalized user experience and our answer was to use the B2B module from Magento commerce, extended with different custom functionalities.

Fresh, clear design for Hoesjes Outlet

HoesjesHoesjes Outlet approached us to migrate their online e-shop to Magento 2. The desktop website design is modern and user friendly. The novelty appears when it comes to its mobile design, where we used a more unorthodox approach making it look more like a mobile app.

Migration to M2 for Landy’s Chemist

Once Magento announced the EOL for M1, Landy’s Chemist approached us to migrate their online e-shop to Magento 2. The project required a complex architecture and a lot of resources in order to make the migration and ensure all functionalities work as intended while reducing the downtime of the website.

Seamless shopping experience for Cupio

CupioInitially built on Magento 1, Cupio recently decided to make the transition to Magento 2. The partnership did not stop here, so, with Black Friday in sight, they asked us to get the e-shop ready for this major event. The website handled more than 20.000 orders with no downtime.

Cupio is one of our long-time trusted partners and we are proud to say that in 2020, we helped them win 1st place in the “Health & Beauty” category at GPeC – the most important e-Commerce event in Europe.

Dedicated solutions for Fulton Fish Market

FultonFishFulton Fish Market approached us to design its B2B and B2C platforms. We used Magento Enterprise as the solution, coupled with a proprietary WMS, written by the OAK3 developers. It integrates with Magento 1 and 2 and seamlessly pulls orders and allows the Fulton team to ensure fast delivery.

e-shop support for Easho

Easho is an online wholesale shop for household and day to day products. Our team took over the support and development after it’s Magento 2 launch. Some of the work on it included homepage redesign, version upgrades, product feeds, check out upgrade.

Fulton Fish Market took centre stage at the Meet Magento Conference 2018 in New York and praised OAK3 for the role that we played in their journey, in front of Magento merchants, experienced developers, and other technology partners.

Magento e-shop for SchulKids

OAK3 developed the e-shop on a Magento 2 platform, and coupled it with an ERP. We used a variety of modules, both bought and custom made, including the Byjuno payment method, which was a challenge to integrate in conjunction with the One Step Checkout module.

Event management platform for Excelarace

ExcelaraceDesigned to be an online event management and registration platform, Excelarace uses Magento 2. We made specific customizations like event creation and simplified event registration.